Stephanie | Pin-up Session | Ft. Walton, FL

March 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

If I could go back to any era and be a photographer it would probably be the 1940s. The music, the drama, the much to capture on that gorgeous, grainy black and white film, and so much worth remembering. This was also the era of the Pin-up girls: Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall...actresses and dancers who made their own special mark on the world and who will be remembered forever because someone had the smarts to take their picture. 

I loved being able to do my own version of a pin-up session with the lovely Stephanie Bowers, one of my favorite gorgeous red-heads, and a make-up artist in Ft. Walton, Florida. A fan of the 40s era herself, she nailed the style and poses, and of course her hair and make-up was on point. Louie the pug even made his appearance as her adoring audience.

In keeping with the style (and my own personal preference!) I shot most of these on film with a Pentax 645N, one of my favorite medium format film cameras. If you're interested in doing your own session with us, I think we make a pretty good team :) Email me for details!!



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