behind the name & logo...



When I was little, my grandfather would send me letters and birthday cards addressed to "Jessi Casara Lambert." My full name is actually "Jessica Sara Lambert," but since my family always called me Jessi, he would joke and say that Jessi Casara must be my real name. I remember very few things about my grandfather; I really didn't know him well at all, but that memory has always stood out to me as one of my favorites. I remember feeling loved and feeling happy. 


My Granny on the other hand, I got to know pretty well. We went to her house every Christmas, and it was my favorite time of the year. Granny loved bluebirds. We used to sit at her kitchen table and watch them flitting around in the back yard, making nests and taking bird baths. Her love of blue birds passed down to my mom and then to me. To this day they remind me of happy times at Granny's house, and that life can be beautiful, even when it's sad.


I love photography because it allows me to make certain moments last a lifetime. Whether it's of a new mom holding her newborn baby, or a husband seeing his bride-to-be for the first time, there are certain moments we wish would last forever. Photography lets me do that, and I'm so grateful for it.


So when I was trying to think of a name for my photography business, I wanted to name it something that represented my belief in the importance of memories, and the joy I get in capturing them on film, making them last forever. I decided on the pen name my grandfather gave me. It is an ode to memories, and a reminder that all we can remember is what we choose not to forget. 


The logo was designed by my good friend Kelly Fly, an incredible artist who knows me well, and who I knew would be able to represent me through her art. She was able to incorporate her own watercolor bluebird, which I think is beautiful. I'm so lucky to have such talented friends.


I wouldn't be who I am without my Creator, my family, and my friends. You have all had a great part in making this "business" more than just a job. It is a dream come true, and a life I hope to live well.