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Ready to Fly...

"The spiritual importance of the bluebird is attached to the spreading of joy and happiness."

Welcome to my new website!

I am so excited about this next chapter in my photography career. This year marks 10 years of photographing people professionally, 5 years since starting my own business, and 3 years since I quit my full time job to pursue photography full time. There have been moments where I have been terrified that it just wasn't going to work, but thanks to all of you and your support, I'm really doing it!

My mantra since starting Jessi Casara Photography has always been to #FollowTheBluebird, not only because I want to spread joy through this gift of photography that God has given me, but also because I have always been a firm believer in following your dreams. After all, "if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why can't I?"

Over the last three years, I've had the chance to photograph families big and small, couples in love, expectant mothers, musicians following their dreams, and even one of those actresses on Stranger Things. It has been a roller coaster, to be sure, but I'm really looking forward to expanding my business this year, starting with new branding.

When I told my new friend Isabelle at OpiaDesigns about my goals for my business and new branding, how I wanted to "spread my wings," she hand-painted this beautiful bluebird for me, in flight, ready to go wherever the wind takes her.

I was honestly wary about updating my logo and branding with anything else, because my original bluebird logo was so special to me. Created by my good friend Kelly, it was perfect for where I was when I first started this business, eagerly watching and waiting, learning all I could, doing my best to follow my dreams and make others happy through my photography. I will keep her printed and framed in my office forever.

But, I'm in a different place now. And I'm ready to fly.

I can't wait to see what's next

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