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7 Glamorous Bridal Portrait Ideas | Poses for Bridal Photos | Alabama Wedding Photographer

Every bride deserves to feel glamorous on her wedding day, and these bridal portrait ideas will highlight her beauty in the best way possible. I've photographed many stunning brides over the years and have honed my posing prompts to create effortlessly chic yet natural portraits. These poses for bridal photos can be used for any bride and wedding dress, regardless if you want to achieve a fun and lighthearted or dramatic, high-fashion aesthetic. Here are my top seven glamorous poses for bridal portraits that every professional wedding photographer should know!

7 Glamorous Bridal Portrait Ideas + Poses for Bridal Photos

Classic Portrait

One of the best bridal poses to begin with is a classic portrait. These are the timeless shots that showcase the bride in all her beauty, and they are an elegant way to highlight the bride's wedding dress and details like the bouquet. I generally recommend angling the bride slightly rather than directly facing the camera for the most flattering effect. If you want to photograph the bride head-on, experiment with their arm and head positioning to create some interesting angles.

Seated Bridal Portrait

Seated bridal portraits can also be a beautiful option that looks high-fashion and editorial. When you're posing the bride, remember to account for her wedding dress style. Puffy dresses can be fluffed up around the bride for a whimsical effect, while brides with form-fitting dresses may need to lean across a bench or seat to showcase the design.

Glamour Shot

Another essential pose for bridal photos is a close-up glamour shot. I suggest taking close-ups early in the day when the bride's hair and makeup are nice and fresh. A close-up is perfect for showing details like jewelry and nail designs—they're incredibly versatile, making it easy to capture any wedding aesthetic. Prompt the bride to smile, laugh, look in different directions, and play with her hair or dress to capture a variety of close-up photographs.


A peek-a-boo shot is my favorite bridal pose to incorporate the wedding bouquet. Prompt your bride to hold her bouquet close to her face and peek at your camera through the flowers. This playful pose often results in genuine laughter, but you can also go for a dramatic, moody vibe.

Reach for the Dress/Veil

Having your bride reach for her dress or veil is a fantastic pose for adding movement and dimension to your bridal photos. I like to incorporate this pose during outdoor shots when there's wind to enhance the effect. Prompt the bride to look down or to the side and play around with lifting her dress or veil. You can also use this pose while the bride is slowly walking for a naturally gorgeous portrait.

Strut Your Stuff

Walking poses are my go-to when I want my bride to look effortlessly chic. Depending on the wedding dress style, this can be an excellent way to capture the train flowing behind the bride. For a carefree bridal portrait that still looks elegant, have the bride hold her train or shoes while walking. While walking poses require minimal effort, they make a huge impact.

Back-of-the-Dress Moment

Capturing a back-of-the-dress moment is a must for bridal portraits. There are many ways you can prompt your bride to face away from the camera while you photograph her back. Use your surroundings to frame the bride and if the dress is poofy or has a long train, make sure to fan it out for a dramatic touch.

I usually prompt my brides to look off in the distance for a gorgeous side profile shot or peek at me over their shoulder. Back-of-the-dress photos usually look best when the bride is standing, but you can get creative and experiment with seated poses as well.

I hope you're feeling inspired by these posing ideas for bridal portraits! If you're searching for the perfect wedding photographer, I'd love to capture your special day. Contact me for all your wedding photography needs!

xo, Jessi

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Jessi is a lifestyle documentary photographer based in southern Alabama, serving the Gulf Coast from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, along with the Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta areas. She specializes in couple, wedding, maternity, newborn and family photography, and also enjoys commercial and creative portraiture. Available for travel worldwide. Find out more at

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