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Mother's Day Outfit Ideas | Mommy & Me Style Inspiration and Tips for Photos

Mother's Day Outfit Ideas | Style Inspiration and Photo Tips

If you're joining me this weekend for Motherhood Minis (click here to snag your spot on Sunday, May 7) and are unsure of what to wear, I've got you covered with these Mother's Day outfit ideas! You guys loved my Spring Outfit Inspiration post so I'm excited to continue the series with this Mother's Day edition.

It can be tough to style little ones in something comfortable and stylish, especially if you want a coordinated look for Mother's Day photos. Thankfully, I have tons of mommy & me style inspiration for photos to ensure you and your kiddos look adorable without forcing everyone to wear the same outfit. Even if you're a mom with teenage or adult children, these style tips are helpful to get the whole family looking cohesive and put together for 2023 Mother's Day photos.

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Let's jump into these outfit ideas and style tips!

Mother's Day Outfit Ideas | Style Inspiration and Photo Tips

Wear different shades of the same color

My first tip for moms and kids dressing up for Mother's Day photos is to style everyone in different shades of the same color. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure your photos look cohesive but not overly matchy-matchy. I like to incorporate this style tip by having the mom dress in one shade and the kids in a similar but slightly different shade to give outfits some subtle variety. If you have multiple kids, you could also play around with having each of them in a unique shade so the whole family will be perfectly color-coordinated! I love the subtle ombre effect in the outfits above as they go from white to cream to pink!

Mother's Day Outfit Ideas | Style Inspiration and Photo Tips

Stick with a classic spring palette

On a similar note, Mother's Day photos also look great when families stick to a classic spring palette of pastels and light shades of pink, blue, green, yellow, and more. There's definitely a time and place for rich jewel tones and dark clothes when taking photos, but Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to dress in fun, spring-inspired colors. Using a seasonally-appropriate palette to pick your outfits will get moms and kids on the same page while allowing some freedom for creative expression!

Mother's Day Outfit Ideas | Style Inspiration and Photo Tips

Subtle patterns and textures are key

Use a mix of subtle patterns and textures when picking your Mother's Day outfits to give photos a hint of dimension. Bright and bold pieces of clothing can be fun depending on what vibe you're going for, but I like to keep my Mother's Day photos light and airy, so I suggest following the age-old principle of less is more. In the (adorable) photo above, for instance, you can see a subtle mix of texture and pattern details, but it all comes together beautifully since neither outfits are overpowering or distracting.

Mother's Day Outfit Ideas | Style Inspiration and Photo Tips

Make sure everyone is comfy

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but a Motherhood Mini is not the best place to realize the outfit you picked out in your head is super stuffy or uncomfortable. If you don't feel 100% confident and comfortable in your outfit, you won't be able to relax and enjoy the session as much which can definitely show in photographs. The Ruelle family, above, did a great job picking complementary colors and sticking with jeans to ensure both mom and her kiddo felt at ease and natural. Trust me, there's nothing more challenging and exhausting than trying to convince a toddler to wear an uncomfortable outfit, so cut yourself some slack and compromise with something that's cute and easy to wear!

Mother's Day photos are the perfect time to take updated pictures with the family that can be used as gifts or on holiday cards, so you'll want to ensure everyone is looking and feeling their best. I'm so excited to see all your beautiful faces (and outfits) at 2023 Motherhood Minis this weekend! Don't forget to reserve your session now before slots fill up.



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