Meet Jessi

Your Friendly Neighborhood Photographer

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Hey there, I'm Jessi, your friendly neighborhood photographer.


I'm  an INFJ, Type 2 (but sometimes Type 7) on the Enneagram, hail from House Ravenclaw, and I am here to make you smile without saying cheese. 

I love photography because I love to remember things. I think it's important to remember the people and places and things that make you happy. I think the world could use a little more happy. So, I made it my job to help you do that.

Nice to meet you!

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Fun Facts

  • My last name is not Casara. It's actually a weird combo of my first and middle name - Jessica Sara. My family has always called me Jessi, so my Grandpa would address my birthday cards to Jessi Casara Lambert. And sentimental Jessi decided to make it the name of her photography business.

  • I love animals and have 5 pets: a dog - Tobin, two cats - Minerva and Binx, a Beta fish - Alan Rickfin, and a bearded dragon - Chancho

  • Despite my sunny disposition, I love rainy days. They are so peaceful to me, plus they let me cuddle up with my furbabies and a cozy cup (pot) of coffee and read Harry Potter (again).

More about me

I've loved photography for as long as I can remember.

I started with the plastic toy cameras, then the Barbie 110 film cameras, but then my dad gave me my first real film camera when I was 14 (and by gave, I mean borrow, but I still have it).


I took it with me everywhere. I photographed school dances and family reunions and my walks home from school. I still have bookshelves full of albums and I LOVE looking through them when I'm feeling nostalgic.


I started studio managing for a wedding photographer in 2008, and then started my own business in 2013. Since then I've gotten to photograph couples in love, expectant moms, silly kids, quiet kids, fashion bloggers, rock bands, gorgeous models, and even one of the actresses from Stranger Things.



  • Favorite Color: Yellow. It reminds me of sunshine and happiness. I even have a yellow car.

  • Favorite Band: Hanson. I will love them until the end of time. I've been to several shows, have a photo with Taylor and Isaac, and one of Zac's drumsticks rests on my bookshelf. I even took a cardboard cutout of Zac everywhere with me for my 34th birthday. CLICK HERE to see the Instagram Story.

  • Favorite Photographer: Annie LeibovitzShe's flippin brilliant. Some of the most beautiful portraits I've ever seen. I'm also a huge fan of Richard Avedon.

  • Favorite Place I've Been: New Zealand. Study Abroad my Junior year of college at Auburn. #WarEagle. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, and some of the most beautiful memories I've ever made.

  • Favorite Thing I've Ever Done: Solo PCH Road Trip. I did this for my 32nd birthday. By myself. I flew to LA, stayed with a friend for few days, then rented a Jeep and drove all along the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to Seattle. Slept in my car. Saw all the sites. Best thing I've ever done (besides maybe New Zealand.