I'm an INFJ, Type 2 (but sometimes Type 7) on the Enneagram, hail from House Ravenclaw, and I am here to make you smile without saying cheese.

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Fun Facts

All the things you've been dying to know about me...

  • My last name is not Casara. It's actually a weird combo of my first and middle name. My full name is Jessica Sara Lambert, but my family has always called me Jessi, so my Grandpa would address my birthday cards to Jessi Casara Lambert. And it stuck.

  • My dad gave me my first real film camera when I was 14 (and by gave, I mean borrow, but I still have it. Go figure.), and I took it with me everywhere. I photographed school dances and family reunions and my walks home from school. I still have bookshelves full of albums and I LOVE looking through them when I'm feeling nostalgic.

  • Despite my sunny disposition, I love rainy days because they let me cuddle with my dog Tobin and a cozy cup (pot) of coffee and read Harry Potter (again).

  • I am the biggest Hanson fan you will ever meet. Seriously. I've been to several shows and even have one of Zac's drumsticks.

  • I think God put each of us here for a reason. I think part of my reason is to help show people what their reason is.

  • I started studio managing for a wedding photographer in 2008, and then started my own business in 2013. Since then I've gotten to photograph couples in love, expectant moms, silly kids, quiet kids, fashion bloggers, rock bands, gorgeous models, and even one of the actresses from Stranger Things.

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Experience + Pricing

Listen, I'm not just here to take your money, but it is something we have to talk about ok? But first: the Experience. As your photographer (and maybe one day friend!) I do my best to offer a joyful, stress-free experience from start to finish. Here is a little summation of what to expect:



Once you contact me we will go over the details of your session and pick a date and location. I help offer suggestions on timing, mood, etc. based on my own experiences and expertise, along with what is the best fit for you/your family/your bae.



Once we have a date and location, you will sign a photo agreement and pay the retainer to reserve your date and time. Then you get to look forward to the big day, while I make sure my equipment is all clean and lookin sweet for your precious faces. Also, yes I have a Pinterest Board of outfit ideas I can totally send you the link to.



The big day arrives and we meet at the decided upon location, probably right before sunset cause that's my favorite time to shoot, and we laugh and have a great time and you'll be all like "Omgosh I'm so glad we hired her, what a great time this has been."



I spend 2-3 weeks (for sessions) or 6-8 weeks (for weddings) editing all of your glorious images. I probably cry at how cute you are. Then I email you a link to your gorgeous online gallery where you can view, share, order prints, and download the high res files. I am an all inclusive photographer. Get excited.


My Documentary Portrait Sessions (family, newborn, maternity, etc) start at $349, although I do offer limited Short Story Sessions (like mini sessions) on pre-scheduled days throughout the year at a discounted rate. Message me for details.

Wedding Collections start at $2300, but I do have custom pricing and per hour coverage, depending on what all you want included. Again, just message me to go over those details. You can click the button below to go to the Contact page. I really hope I hear from you.