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Being great at what you do does not just mean you can make your Client smile during your session (🤯)!


They should be smiling through ALL of the phases of booking, implementing, and delivering your Client Experience.



- Do your Clients comment about your easy booking process?

- At the end of your session, do they tell you how much fun they had - even dad?!

- Are your Clients coming back to you every year?

- Do they leave five star reviews?

- Do they refer all of their friends to you?


Because they should be!



Find joy by finding your
Ideal Client.

Life was not meant to be spent with people who bring you down.

Breathe a sigh of relief with easy, stress-free client onboarding.

I'm not the only one who finds information and guidance relaxing right? 

Be a source of encouragement throughout the entire
Client Experience.

Flattering poses and words of encouragement are everybody's love language.

Keep them coming back year after year.

We are all about creating good deals to have a good time.

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Here's what we'll be learning every week


Finding and Reaching your Ideal Client...

This week we talk about the importance of energy, time, and money and how that translates into identifying your Ideal Client.


We then delve into finding and reaching those clients by utilizing your greatest assets, then nurture that relationship using intentional communication and guidance strategies.


Navigating the Client Experience

Here we will go over my pre-session checklist to make sure everyone is prepared for a fun, natural, stress-free session.

I offer tips, tricks, poses, and my favorite conversation starters and giggle inducing prompts to help make every session the "best session we've ever had."

We end with my fave Client Deliverables that add a personal touch.


Booking your Ideal Client

In our second week we will go through all of the steps of Client Onboarding, making the process as fun and stress-free as possible.

I give you email templates to help you respond to inquiries, along with the best strategies for follow-ups.

We then go through an actual booking with my handcrafted Quote, Contract, and Invoice methods.


Leveraging Client Referrals

In our final week we talk about the importance of nurturing your relationship with "past clients" to make them "forever clients."

I go over how I've gotten over 100 five star reviews and how to exponentially increase your review and referral strategies to keep you in business for years to come.


included in How to Make Them Smile

12 Thoughtful Video Lessons

4 Section Workbooks

Weekly Action Items

Access to Exclusive Live Content

Money-Back Guarantee

Lots of Smiles


Ready? Let's Go!

Let's make your next Client Experience a natural, fun, and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Plus, if you don't learn anything valuable during this course, I will give you your money back. No questions asked. I'm here to make you SMILE!

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