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7 Health Benefits of Sunlight | Jessi Casara Photography

7 Health Benefits of Sunlight | Jessi Casara Photography

As a natural light photographer, I know how important sunlight is for taking gorgeous photos - but how about all the health benefits of sunlight, too?

Trust me, I definitely have days where all I want to do is stay inside in my PJs editing photos under a cozy blanket, but I've found getting out in the sun even for a couple of minutes every day makes a huge difference in my mood and happiness.

That's why I'm sharing seven health benefits of sunlight (which I learned from to encourage you all to get outside and enjoy some sunshine if you haven't already today!

7 Health Benefits of Sunlight | Jessi Casara Photography

Better sleep

It might feel counterintuitive to say sunlight helps you sleep better (isn't it supposed to wake you up?!) but hear me out. Sunshine tells your body when to raise or lower your melatonin levels, so getting at least an hour of sunlight a day will help regulate your circadian rhythm. This means sunlight helps you feel sleepy when it's time for bed and get higher quality sleep!

Less stress

I don't know about you, but I am 100% down for natural stress remedies, and sunshine is one of the best. Melatonin lowers feelings of stress, so going outside to enjoy the sun and engaging in an activity like walking or running will help you feel more relaxed and at ease.

7 Health Benefits of Sunlight | Jessi Casara Photography

Stronger bones

Sunlight is full of Vitamin D which increases your body's absorption of calcium to keep bones nice and strong. You actually only need about 15 minutes of sunlight to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Forget chugging a glass of milk with every meal - I'm going outside to get my tan on!

Weight loss

I will offer a disclaimer that going outside every day isn't going to magically help you lose a ton of weight, but there have been some scientific studies showing a correlation between sunshine and weight loss. Check out this article for more deets if you want to dig into the scientific nitty gritty.

Strengthened immune system

Vitamin D isn't just a good way to ensure our bodies are getting enough calcium - it's also an essential part of a healthy immune system. Enjoying some sunlight every day will keep your immune system strong to help you fight off illness and infections.

7 Health Benefits of Sunlight | Jessi Casara Photography

Improved mood

There's a reason they say sunshine is essential for a good mood! Getting in your daily dose of sunlight boosts serotonin, a "feel good" chemical our bodies need for a calm, happy mood. Increased serotonin levels will help you fight symptoms of depression and maintain a balanced mental state.

Longer life

That's right - sunlight might just be the secret to immortality (ok, probably not - but it definitely helps). This is a health benefit of sunlight that's still being studied, but there is evidence that enjoying some sunshine every day can lead to a longer life. The more you know!

7 Health Benefits of Sunlight | Jessi Casara Photography

I hope learning about these seven health benefits of sunlight gets you excited to enjoy some sunshine today!



(c) Jessi Casara Photography

Jessi is a lifestyle documentary photographer based in southern Alabama, serving the Gulf Coast from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, along with the Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta areas. She specializes in couple, wedding, maternity, newborn and family photography, and also enjoys commercial and creative portraiture. Available for travel worldwide. Find out more at


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